Online Local Business Marketing

A misconception many people have about local business marketing is that they have to go up against the “big names.” The truth is that you only have to perform better than other businesses in your locality. There are many ways of achieving this depending on your location and market. There are methods that all business sites need to adopt, but there are also many tasks that need to be customized for the individual business. Let us take a look at some of these tasks:Majority of businesses are aware of the importance of high Google rankings, but most business owners, however, have no idea of how this can be achieved. A site ranked number one in Google for its main keyword will receive majority of the traffic for that keyword. To achieve a good Google ranking, the first step is creating a Google-friendly business site. Google considers several factors for grading your site. The more “likable” the site, the easier it will be for the site to rank high. Creating a likeable site involves on-site search engine optimization (SEO) as well as offsite SEO. On-site SEO involves things such as site content, keywords, article headers, meta-tags, and links. Off-site SEO basically involves getting linked from other sites.Secondly, information about your local website should be available in all major online directories. In addition to spreading the word about your business, this will help in gaining the trust of customers, as they see your business listed in several places, and trusted back links to the site which is good for authority and Google likes it.Off-site SEO is also a very important online local business marketing method. It is generally believed that the best offsite marketing strategy is to get linked by powerful, authoritative sites that are relevant to your market. However, majority of authoritative sites do not allow back links of this nature, and even if they do, they do it for a lot of money; therefore, other off-site SEO methods are usually employed.A term that has now become very common is “Web 2.0.” The local business site should be according to Web 2.0 standards. This means that the site should be interactive and not static. Remember when comments and polls were a rarity? Well now they are in abundance. Search engines give importance to the fact that a site is allowing people to participate. A site that is new and static will not achieve a good ranking. Some websites also allow web links in the comment section. Leaving a comment with your website link is a good off-site SEO strategy.These are only some of the Online Local Business Marketing methods. There are many other internet marketing methods one can employ to bring traffic to a site and gain customers. Some of these methods may include list building, social media marketing, article marketing, and video marketing. All these techniques help in strengthening the presence of an online business; however, they all of these techniques may not be suitable for a particular site or market.