Small Business Marketing Ideas For The Holidays

If you want some creative ways to drive sales in your small business during the hectic holidays, then give this short article a read. Why? Because it contains more than a few small business marketing ideas you can run with to send a scurry of folks through your doors.You be the judge.Small Business Marketing Ideas For The Holidays:I got a client who said this:”Wes, I want to blow the roof off my business in December. Can you help me? Do you have any marketing campaigns I can use?”So I said to her:”No problem. You hired the right guy for the job. You want a busy business in December then I’ll give you a busy business.”And I proceeded to dig into my bag of marketing tricks and pull out the grand-poo-bah for the holidays.None other than…1. The Santa Claus Letter.Ever hear of this baby?This little marketing Van Gogh is so darn effective because it taps into your prospect’s imagination. And while it entertains like a Spielberg movie, it also sends a number of your readers into your business.Sound pretty sweet?I used this letter to drive my business every December, and boy was it a winner.Or how about…2. The Letter To Rudolph.This is a variation on the Santa Claus Letter. But instead you write to Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer saying you heard he got hurt. And that you are willing to do practically anything to make sure he’ll guide Santa’s sleigh. Rudolph then writes you back saying he feels great. And that he will be riding for the holidays. And on the same token, he’d like to offer a few special treats to your customers.Mail a copy of this letter to your customers, and watch what happens.3. The Letter To Jimmy Buffet.Did you know that famed singer Jimmy Buffet was born on December 25th? It’s true. And for this reason, you can write a letter to Mr. Buffet telling him how difficult having a birthday on Christmas must be. And for this reason, you’d like to do something nice for him. Whatever you do for Jimmy you also do for your customers. Sure, there’s probably no way Jimmy Buffet will show up in your business. But there’s a good chance this letter will send your customers into your business assuming your offer is good enough.The point in all of these Holiday campaigns is to have fun. Mail them to your customers. And include an irresistible offer that no human being could say ‘no’ to.