3 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2012

What’s in store for small businesses marketing in 2012?Good question.It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to recently. And after a little debate, I decided to chime in with a few of my own predictions for what’s in store for small business marketing this year. Keep in mind this is not every prediction rolling around in my noodle.But it is a few of the biggies.Give this short article a read to see for yourself.3 Small Business Marketing Predictions for 2012:1. The relationship is KINGIt goes without saying that the relationship you have with your customers (and are building with your prospects) is important. It’s been this way since the dawn of business. But in 2012 it will become vital. I’d say maybe even 80 to 90% of the buying decision will be made based on this alone.Why?It’s simple:People are bombarded from every nook and cranny with marketing messages by business owners claiming to be the best at whatever they do. The internet has made this even worse. And the only way to make sense out of who’s telling the truth is to go based on that relationship.2. People will tune OUT Social media more and moreMark my words, Social Media (like Facebook and Twitter) will get tuned out more and more.Really?Yeah, and let me prove it to you.Anytime a “new” media hits the scene, it’s fascinating to people. And slowly but surely more and more people give it a try. Then what happens? That’s right, the marketers move into the realm because they want in on the action too.Who can blame them?Problem is this leads to even more messages being blasted which annoys people.Need an example?Email.I remember when email was this cool and novel idea. But what happened to email? It’s become cluttered like your grandma’s shoe closet.So anyways…I’m not against Social Media for chatting with friends and things. But I am strongly against it as tool that small business owners rely on for getting new customers.3. Direct mail makes a huge comebackHuh?Yeah.In fact, I’m on a lot of mailing lists. And I’ve noticed that my stack of mail is piling up. Why? Because direct mail is one of the best (if not THE best) media for attracting new customers, and savvy marketers already know this.And with the postal rates going up, it’s only going to get better.Why?Because only the best and brightest marketers will be able to afford direct mail which makes it “the elite” marketing place to be.Compare this to Twitter: How much does it cost to blast a tweet to your list? Zippo. Which is why the least talented marketers use Twitter as their bread and butter tool for growing their business.So there you have it.3 small business marketing predictions for 2012.One last thing:If you own and operate a small business and are serious about growing it, then what’s holding you back? That’s right. Good information. Truth is you may be one good idea away from having a breakthrough. But you must be careful who to turn to for that breakthrough idea. Can I help you? Maybe… maybe not. To decide go to my website which is located in my author’s box below.

How to Spot Good Business Marketing Consultants

Looking for business marketing consultants you can trust and rely on to help you grow your business endeavor? Well, the good thing is that there are ways to find them, and by taking note of the common practices and abilities of good consultants, you’ll be able to get one for yourself in no time. Just read through the following list, and get yourself ready to meet the consultants that will help you boost your business up.ExperienceGood business marketing consultants have a lot in their history of past clients and past projects. A good deal of experience in the industry enables them to be able to see common business trends, ups and downs, and even “secret” to success. These are things that only seasoned business marketing consultants can do, because the keen eye for business cannot be learned in school but developed through constant practice. You would want to have a consultant whose advice will impact your business in a positive way.Understanding the nature of your businessBusiness marketing consultants should take the time to understand your business objectives and goals for them to be relevant to you. They must be able to understand the nature of your business well enough to be able to help you succeed.Every company has its own personality and aims and goals. Consultants must be able to understand those things and know how they can come in in such a way that will be most beneficial to the company.A good reputationAlthough you must not depend purely on hearsay, it is important that you pay attention to what people say about the business marketing consultants. Good business marketing professionals leave behind and continue a legacy of trustworthiness and good business ethics, and usually, word about it naturally spreads around. If clients are pleased with them, it will show-or be heard-in the comments and testimonies about them.However, bear in mind that nothing is perfect in this world, and even some good business marketing professionals may have had their fair share of bad report, so remember to look at the bigger picture, and weigh things altogether. Think about whether or not you are able to deal with their shortcomings, or if the few of their shortcomings are the most crucial for you and therefore you can’t afford to risk your business with them.Financially stableMake sure that you pick business marketing consultants who are financially stable. If they belong to a firm or company, do some research. Are they financially well? or are they desperate for clients because they are almost entirely down the drain? You can’t trust a consultant to give help you with your business when his business is falling apart. A financially stable consultant can give you the assurance that he’s doing his job well and its fruits are seen in the state of his business. You don’t need an additional headache in the form of a consultant who’s torn between trying to help your business grow and keeping his own barely intact.

Business Marketing Consultants Can Help Boost Your Company

Business marketing consultants can be a great service to your business. For one thing, they can devise a strategic plan to boost business. The primary role of a business marketing consultant is to conduct an extensive study on your business and come up with a strategic plan to help your company succeed. Your consultant has the ability to identify problems and grab opportunities to improve your company income. In addition, your marketing consultant personally designs an approach to solve your problems.Business marketing consultants are usually talented enough to come up with a business plan that will attract attention and will guarantee potential customers. An effective business plan that your consultant can create would include tasks such as copywriting and marketing campaigns and might even extend to website graphic design and editing of both print and online advertisements.If your company is relatively new to marketing itself, then taking a look at the business marketing consultants available for hire may be the best decision you can make. Making such a hire early in the process will help you create a great firsthand impression with your potential customers. Business marketing consultants are experienced with assessing your venture’s weaknesses and playing to the strengths of your business endeavor.Before deciding to hire someone, you must know how to spot a good consultant. You need to first assess the consultant’s experience in order to guarantee quality service. A long list of past clients and projects will give you an impression of how good the business consultant is. Along with experience comes a good understanding of current and updated business trends that will truly sell in the market. Remember that a keen business eye cannot be learned overnight. It would take years of experience for a consultant to make the most impact.When the experience is good, do some more research and find out your top candidates’ business reputation. A good reputation will ensure that you are in the right track and you are leading your company toward success. If a client is happy with the consulting candidate’s services, it will surely appear elsewhere upon searching online.Finally, when considering business marketing consultants for hire, take a look at who is financially stable. If the consultant is financially healthy, it only goes to show that his clients pay him well for a job well done. But if he is desperate for clients, it could be a sign that clients are not seeking him out and he may not offer the best results for you.When hiring business marketing consultants, be sure to evaluate your candidates thoroughly to ensure you’re hiring the best person for the job.