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Getting your name out there on the web is the way that you are going to make money with your business. When you use article business marketing you are going to find that you will be able to advertise without any out of pocket expense and everything you make is going to be pure profit. As you are following the things that you are going to learn in the Wealthy Affiliate program you are going to see that article business marketing can be the way for you to go.1. Learn The Rules.Of course as with anything else in this world, there are rules that you have to follow and they seem to change when you are not looking. Even when you are using article business marketing you are going to find that you will need to word things a certain way or you are going to need to market in a different manor. The right training is going to get you in the right direction for article marketing so that you can be profitable.2. Power Of Words.One of the things that you are going to find out is that with article business marketing, you are going to need to understand the power of the word. How you write your piece is going to make a big difference in whether or not you are going to be able to create traffic. The right program is going to be able to show you how to write your article for business marketing so that it will be profitable and busy.3. The Right Concept.It is important to have the right concept when you are sitting down to write your article business marketing letter. Of course you could always hire someone to write it for you but why would you want to spend the money when you can learn how to do it yourself and keep all of the money in your pocket. It is possible when you learn the right methods for article business marketing and this is the place that you are going to be able to learn all of these methods.

Small Business Marketing Strategies – 7 Key Benefits of Mobile Marketing For Your Business

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the new kid on the block. The mobile market has the potential to exceed that of Internet marketing by more than 5 folds. With more than 5 billion people owning mobile phones and about 45 percent are smart phones, it is no wonder that mobile marketing is set to become the next big thing for your distribution, advertising as well as promotion mix.Today, I shall share the top key benefits of having a mobile marketing strategy and running such campaigns in addition to your conventional small business marketing strategies.The one key criteria of any small business marketing strategy is to ensure that the message is focused and laser targeted at the right audience. Mobile marketing enables your customers to opt-in to receive your messages, thereby indicating inherent receptiveness and willingness to accept information from you. In any marker’s book, this is already one giant step towards a successful campaign.It enables interactivity as it will allow you to interact with your target audience, on a one-on-one basis. Having a two-way conversation with your customers is key to understanding them from an in-depth and intimate perspective. Keep an open mind and this information could eventually help you develop better products in the future with feedback and constructive comments.It allows you the marketer full control over messages, timing at which you send as well as the frequency. Take for instance that you are running an extremely time sensitive promotion which limit the response time of your prospects to a very tight window period of a few hours. You have full control of the number of times you send the message, the time between each message, and the last message before you end your time based promotion. Examples of such promotion messages can be dinner discount coupons, rock concert tickets free giveaways etc.Marketers need to measure the success rates of each of their campaigns and receiving prompt responses is critical. One of the key benefits of mobile marketing is that more than 90 percent of the target audience respond to their messages, and in a timely fashion too. Of course, structuring your messages for easy response is of utmost important in this case. While the turnaround time for launching a mobile marketing campaign can be less than a day, it also allows you to monitor customer response to your campaign, thereby enabling you to make the necessary changes to your campaign almost on a real-time basis.Sync your mobile marketing campaigns in tandem to your overall marketing plan, making it part of the marketing and promotion process. Integrating the entire spectrum of marketing tools enables you to generate better synergy.SMS messaging is an easy, affordable and efficient approach to building brand awareness and bonding with your customers. It is also great way to keep your customers and prospects informed and updated on your business. This is not only true for customers but also business partners and vendors as well.Mobile messaging can easily attract new customers and a text marketing message could be sent or forwarded to thousands of people, thereby giving rise to a successful viral marketing campaign. Of course, in order to achieve this, you will need to provide your customers a compelling offer.

Small Business Marketing Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends That Thrive On New Age Lifestyles

With the advent of smart phone at the end of 2009, nearly every aspect of our lifestyles is affected by the little handy device called the cell phone, fortunately very often in more positive ways than not. Indeed, tapping on mobile marketing trends and incorporating them into your small business marketing strategies can give rise to enhancing your business bottom line.Our modern lifestyles have enabled us much greater mobility with the help of mobile technology which have impacted many facets of our lives. In fact, this aspect alone has impacted our daily lives to so a great extent and so much more is happening on a daily basis that it is difficult to keep up with, even for most marketers.Mobile Social Media – A Political Tool That Has Proven Very Fruitful The then Senator Barack Obama tapped on the younger Americans who seemed to be perpetually on their cell phones via Facebook and Twitter as well as using text messaging to spread and communicate his ideas, political aspirations and create a never-before bonding between the masses and the then presidential candidate.While that was the first most concerted effort by a high profile politician to use social media in tandem with mobile marketing technology so extensively, we can be sure to see much more of such activities in future within the political arena. Providing political communications a new and exciting avenue of expression will take greater shape over coming decade.Enhancing Business And Work Efficiency As it has been for a long time since the debut of the laptop, business meetings have taken a strong virtual presence, what with video conferencing saving you time, money and giving rise to greater efficiency at the work place. Nowadays, multi-way mobile conferencing has become the norm for many businesses. Group sms-ing are made easy with robust mobile technology and we no longer need to be strapped down at our work station with the desktop or laptop. In fact, a simple cell phone in hand is all you need.Eh… What is Mobile A&P again please?Mobile advertising or what I would term as Mobile A&P has begun to infiltrate our lives without us even realizing it. We could literally take a walk along a busy street and when we are less than 50 meters from any Starbucks, our mobile will automatically beep and prompt us of a 50 percent discount on its new cranberry caramel flavored coffee. Thanks to the GPS in your smart phone, location based marketing has taken off in a small but successful way.Goldmine Uncovered – Tapping on The Right Target Audience for Mobile MarketingCell phone penetration is about 1 billion out of the entire Chinese population which is the greatest emerging market for mobile marketing is Asia. This is only one emerging country amongst the many, according to Wikipedia statistics, with more than 100 percent cell phone penetration per population in key countries like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Chile, Malaysia, Brazil and the list goes on. Based on the above figures, it is not difficult to predict that mobile advertising will become a very lucrative business to embark upon.Indeed, most of these mobile marketing trends have started and some are fast developing into effective mobile marketing campaigns and more others being perfected over time. Whether you, as the innovative marketer or business owner, can capture the easy profits as first movers, is entirely up to you.